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Calvin Williams, Owner

Serving the Nashville and surrounding communities for over 20 years, I am committed to maintaining standards that allow Heartwood to be the premier cabinets Nashville manufacturer. It is such an honor and privilege to serve this community by creating custom masterpieces for their businesses and the place they call home. As the owner of Heartwood, it is my job to set the standards for the company and every employee. For me, cabinets are the industry that we work in but creating custom one of a kind cabinets Nashville means a lot more to me than just carpentry. Through our craft, we are able to create a space and environment that is entirely your own. Giving you a functional beautiful room that has your exact style and vision. It is an honor to be a part of creating your dream home and to bring your dreams to life! If you are building your dream home or turning your current house into the home of your dreams, just ask for Calvin and we’ll get your cabinets handled for you!

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How Heartwood Cabinet Co Got Started

After being in the contractor and craftsman industry for so many years, we saw a need. The need was for affordable custom cabinets Nashville that is not cookie-cutter designs and limited options. We saw many cabinets manufacturers that are overcharging for their products that are simple cheap pieces. We were sick of seeing people overpaying for solutions and compromising on their designs for their storage or renovation projects. This forced us to take matters into our own hands, starting Heartwood Cabinet Co and filling it with passionate craftsmen. We design cabinets Nashville that is specifically designed, handcrafted by skilled carpenters, and installed by professionals. Our clients, whether they are a general contractor or a residential customer, can count on a cabinets company that will cover every single aspect of creating, crafting, and installing your cabinets. We understand that this is a huge investment and project, every single detail matters, which is why we are intentional about over-delivering every step of the way. We never are satisfied with just good enough, we always want to blow away your expectations and give you designs that are better than you could ever imagine!


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Vision for Heartwood Cabinet Co

We are so blessed for the response that we have gotten from the community over the past two decades as we grow and serve more people as their go-to cabinets Nashville manufacturer. As we grow and expand by building more relationships with builders, designers, and general contractors, our promise to you is that we will never compromise on quality. Being able to put the same amount of focus and detail into each design is what makes Heartwood stand apart from all the other cabinets Nashville companies in the area. From designing your storage solutions, creating custom works of art, and making sure that the installation goes flawlessly, Heartwood Cabinet Co does it all for you! Whether you are needing a small upgrade or a cabinet manufacturer for your entire new home development, you can count on Heartwood to be consistent in every project that we do.

Heartwood Cabinet Co is very proud to serve the Nashville community along with its surrounding areas. We are always looking for ways to improve our quality, craftsmanship, and efficiencies as we believe we can always serve our customers better! Our mission is to not just be the go-to cabinets Nashville manufacturer but to be the cabinets manufacturer for the entire nation. We love our home of Nashville and we adore our trade, our desire is to be able to share our craft to as many people as possible. Never compromising on our craftsmanship or attention to detail on our cabinets Nashville as we grow and expand. With being all-inclusive we are able to take on as much of the stress of the job as we possibly can! We handle the design, creation, transportation, and installation of every single job no matter how large or small. This takes stress off of the homeowner and off of the general contractor. We are able to make changes to designs to allow the space to flow better and create custom solutions for our customers that no other manufacturer can. Put your dollars into a product that will last and be the exact design you have in your mind. Give Heartwood Cabinet Co a call today so that we can sit down with you and make your cabinets Nashville dreams come true!

Why You Should Work Here

At Heartwood, we are always looking for motivated workers to add to our cabinets Nashville team! It is a very detail-oriented work that allows you to hone your skills as an artist and craftsman. As we grow and provide more services it becomes more and more important than the team we build has the same standards we always have. No matter how many cabinets Nashville we have created, we are always going to quality check and make sure that details are never being ignored. If you are a hard worker, detail-oriented, and looking to gain new skills then give us a call! You can also click on the form on our contact us page and reach out to us from there. As we build our team and grow our company we would love to hear from motivated craftsmen like yourself! If you are wanting to go from just being a starving artist and invest time into a career that is overwhelmed with work and opportunities then Heartwood is the place for you! We will invest time into your training and you will be surrounded by a great talent to guide and mold you. If you are a skilled craftsman we are always looking for motivated A-Players to add to our team. If you are looking for a new career we would love to hear from you! Give us a call, fill out our form, or apply through Indeed so that we can get you set up for an interview as soon as possible!

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